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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

16 X 2 LCD Input Text and Display

Here is a more practical program that asks you to input text and then displays that text on the LCD display.  The challenge here was to parse the input text so that words were not broken up.  Click on the video to see it work:
Here is python code for this program:
I apologize that the name of the program in the video (LCD_Module_1,py) does not match the name in the Gist file ( Somewhere along the way, after I made the video, I changed the file name to make the name more meaningful, at least to me.
The program does not take into account individual words of more that 16 characters in length.
Notice line 16 of the code. That makes (discussed in the last post) part of this program.

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  1. This is most incredibly awesome, thank you very much!